Intermediate - ERwin 301*

Sandhill Academy's Intermediate 301 Classes offers courses covering erwin's® advanced functionality. These classes cover erwin® Complete Compare, which is the heart of erwin®.  erwin® Intermediate class is one that every Data Modeler should know the techniques covered within it. Casewise Moderler Advanced class delivers all the advanced topics needed to successfully produce process models.   Intermediate erwin 301 courses include:

Complete Compare (SQL Server)    (Click here to see TOC)

Complete Compare series of DBMS-specific courses offer in-depth coverage of the important Complete Compare function in relation to a specific DBMS. The intra model version of the course offers generic Complete Compare instruction and concentrates on model-to-model comparisons, only touching briefly on model-to-database comparisons. Assuming basic understanding and experience with erwin®, Complete Compare's DBMS-specific courses require a working knowledge of the database as well. Complete Compare is available as a one-day instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations. Click on the following link to see a sample of our Complete Compare documentation.

erwin Intermediate   (Click here to see TOC)

erwin Intermediate is an in-depth class on erwin® advanced features used by many organizations to leverage greater benefits from the tool. Building on the foundation of erwin Fundamentals, this course offers more in-depth understanding of the links between a combined logical/physical model, and an overview of erwin®’s Layer Architecture. The one-day course covers erwin® features for data warehousing, naming and datatype standards, domains, layer architecture, generalization hierarchies, transforms, and more. erwin Intermediate is available as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations.

Process Modeling Advanced

Process Modeling Advanced class is designed to provide advanced process modeling methods, including process analysis, synthesis, process-data integration and performance analysis. These skills will allow the student to perform advanced process modeling, team modeling and key Enterprise Architecture definition tasks. This class is oriented to the Business / System analyst who needs to optimize and enhance business process and information architecture performance. Process Modeling Advanced class is available as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations.