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EM-SOS!™ From Sandhill Consultants

Enterprise Modeling Set of Standards for ERwin, ER/Studio and SAP

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EM-SOS™ (Enterprise Modeling Set of Standards) from Sandhill Consultants is a specialized standards and best practices framework that enables organizations to quickly plan, launch and maintain and enforce their enterprise modeling environment efforts by establishing best practice standards, procedures, forms and model templates for supporting operational requirements and driving business success.

EM-SOS™ helps organizations eliminate data redundancies, reduce risk and cut project costs by establishing clearly-defined enterprise data model set of standards your organization needs to assure the ROI of your information architecture design infrastructure.

EM-SOS™ is critical to every organization interested in streamlining the development of data models, enabling their reuse and preventing redundancy and enforcing corporate standards. By adopting EM-SOS™, organizations can achieve higher data quality and increased data integrity, while maximizing data reusability and boost data communications effectiveness.

Comprehensive and easily customizable for specific client needs, EM-SOS™ provides all the information necessary for implementing an efficient and effective modeling environment using fewer internal resources. EM-SOS™ provides more than 25 critical blueprints, standards, procedures, check lists , forms reports and templates, including comprehensive "how to " instructions.

EM-SOS™ resides on your intranet, making the enforcement of modeling standards and procedures accessible to analysts, modelers and DBA's where on-site or outsourced. Combined with Sandhill's extensive modeling infrastructure consulting expertise, organizations can quickly create the standards and procedures they need to leverage the power of consistent, reusable data models as well as take advantage of the enterprise modeling solutions that they use.

Key Features include, Life-Cycles, Standards, Procedures, Forms, Reports and Model Templates.



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