Data Governance


erwin Data Governance (DG) delivers on the Data Governance 2.0 imperative. erwin DG is a SaaS solution that expands data governance beyond IT, so every organizational stakeholder can discover, understand, govern and socialize data. Such an enterprise data governance experience not only mitigates risk but also improves organizational performance and accelerates growth. Traditional data governance functionality is enhanced through persona-based interfaces and integrated data modeling, enterprise architecture and business process modeling for data impact analysis, a powerful capability to show how changes will impact enterprise operations.


Dashboard Data Lineage

Dashboard Screen-shot                                                                                                        Data Lineage Screen-shot


erwin DG is a SaaS solution with a highly configurable and intuitive web interface for access from anywhere. erwin DG provides broad access to approved organizational information. It enables distributed organizations to easily collaborate for improved information quality, compliance and change management with lower risk and greater agility. erwin DG offers a host of key features and benefits

Key Features Include:

  • Role-based, self-service visualisation and navigation of key data governance constructs
  • Real-time Data Impact Analysis to manage the risk and scope of changes to the data landscape
  • Data lineage analysis for business terms, data elements and physical data sources
  • Integrated data modelling, enterprise architecture and business process modelling for data governance in context
  • Universal data-source harvesting and life-cycle management
  • Automated integration with the larger DG ecosystem of people, processes and technologies
  • Streamlined workflows, including notifications and task assignments
  • SAAS-based platform for rapid deployment and lower TCO

Key Benefits Include:

  • Provides visibility and governance for any data, anywhere
  • Enables enterprise data governance collaboration and organizational empowerment
  • Identifies data integrations, implications and impacts across the enterprise to better manage change
  • Creates an integrated ecosystem of people, processes and technologies that manage and protect data
  • Breaks down business and IT silos for visibility across all domains, including data modelling, enterprise architecture and business process modelling
  • Helps mitigate a wide range of risks to provide regulatory peace of mind

Building on a foundation of visual and comprehensive erwin data models, organizations can author and deploy business glossaries, define semantic and data flow lineages, standardize and document data sources and enable self-service data discovery in support of their enterprise data governance program.