Data Modeler - Workgroup Edition (WE)

erwin® Data Modeler Workgroup Edition (WE) is designed as a scalable, multi-user modeling environment that provides innovative and easy-to-use services that help modelers work together more efficiently.

erwin® Data Modeler Workgroup Edition (WE) includes all the features included  with the erwin Data Modeler – Standard Edition.  In addition, it includes features specifically related to workgroup collaboration and governance, promoting managed collaboration to increase quality and productivity, offering concurrent model access with optional model locking, model change impact analysis, and version management of the data models-all housed in a centralized repository.

Promote communication in a controlled environment. Foster collaboration among project managers and standards administrators. Supporting the Oracle, SQL Server or Sybase RDBMS platforms, erwin® Data Modeler Workgroup Edition (WE) provides services such as conflict resolution, versioning, security and standardization for multi-user modeling and reuse, ultimately fostering higher levels of quality and productivity. Through managed collaboration, erwin® Data Modeler Workgroup Edition (WE) eliminates the need to manually coordinate the sharing of models and shared model objects.

Key Features include, Modeler Collaboration Services, Model Change Management, Model and Repository Administration.

Now available as a concurrent license model.