Reischmann: Toolbus

Reischmann Informatik GmbH (RI) specializes in supplying interfaces for the model conversion between data modeling tools, database design tools, business process modeling tools, and UML modeling tools from different vendors, and in integrating modeling tools  in repository based system development environments.

For the exchange of data models, process models, and UML models between modeling tools from different vendors, and between modeling tools and repositories, Reischmann Informatik developed a technology called "TOOLBUS™" in the year of 1986, which has been continually extended and enhanced since that time. Currently,, TOOLBUS supports more than 30 modeling tools and repositories, and more than 300 companies worldwide have been using TOOLBUS interfaces to migrate their models.

Reischmann Informatik developed the TOOLBUS™ technology, which provides a standardized method for the conversion of meta data.