erwin Web Portal

A simple, customizable, web-based interface that allows both business and technical users across the organization to easily discover, visualize, and understand the data sources, structures, and architecture that drive their business.

Product Brief

With erwin Web Portal, anyone in your organization can easily visualize important metadata information that’s stored in the erwin Data Modeler solutions. Authorized stakeholders can use the customizable web-based interface to visualize their most important data assets, whether they’re creating data models or only need to understand the modeled information. The content is presented in an intuitive and easily accessible fashion for a wide range of user types.

Clients can also automatically import their ETL Mappings into erwin & erwin Web Portal via Sandhill’s Data Lineage Importer. The Importer automates these time-consuming data lineage mappings from your ETL mapping spreadsheet directly into erwin, allowing you to export these mappings to your erwin Web portal.

Solution Overview

The erwin Web Portal provides detailed metadata information and annotated diagrams captured and maintained in erwin Data Models provide the clarity and context that enables a data driven organization to reap the greatest return on these strategic assets. This self-service facility allows users to easily navigate an integrated view into their business and technical data landscape, increase their "data fluency," and effectively contribute to a data-driven approach to business.

Key Benefits

  • Collaborative, self-service data access – Publish your data sources to a wide range of stakeholders so they can collaborate on data asset usage and management.
  • Get mission-critical applications live faster – Significantly reduce tedious data source discovery and analysis cycles to get mission-critical data initiatives live more quickly.
  • Boost stakeholders’ trust in the data – Increase data integrity and earn stakeholders’ confidence with graphical data lineage that visualize the complex relationships between data assets.


Data Management Engagements


Our clients often require additional resources to implement critical program elements. Sandhill offers expert resourcing and custom services tailored to your needs in the following areas:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Best Practice Recommendations, Consulting, and Mentoring

Sandhill Frameworks

Data Management Maturity Assessments

Sandhill’s approach to helping clients achieve desired levels of Data Management Maturity incorporates all of the data management practice areas. The following Sandhill DMM resources are particularly relevant:

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